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Care & Maintenance of Hearing Aid

Hearing plays an important role in our life supporting the most critical sense of hearing. While using hearing aid it is advisable to provide best care to our support tools. As best Hearing Aid Service provider we take responsibility to make you aware about the safety and uses of hearing aids in best way. Stay tuned for series of maintenance tips…

  1. Protect your hearing Aid from Dirt:

Your hearing aid is a sensitive instrument and dirt may cause serious damage to it. Every time you care to use your hearing aid ensure your fingers are clean and dry before you touch the hearing aid. The microphone input is very small and can get blocked through improper handling.

Wipe your hearing aid softly with a lint free towel to keep it clean.

  1. Protect your hearing Aid from moisture:

Moisture is another enemy of your hearing aid. Remember to remove your hearing aid while you go for a shower, swimming or bathing. Never leave your device in bathroom, high ambient humidity of bathroom may cause damage to it. Clean your ears properly before inserting your hearing aid.

Please note that moisture and condensation may damage the electronics of your hearing aid. If moisture builds up inside your device during the day, its advisable to leave your device’s battery door open during the night to allow internal component to dry. This will prolong the life of your hearing aid device.

Excessive moisture may require a dehumidifier or silica based drying agent in such conditions connect with SPANDAN for the best hearing aid service in Prayagraj.

Hope the safety inputs help you to keep your device fit & ready. For more tips about care and safety stay tuned to updates" target="_blank" class="updatelink">Click here or reach to Facebook page of SPANDAN hearing and speech solutions.

You can always call 9838212386 to consult with us.

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