Tips for Hearing Aid Safety - 2

Hearing Aid Center in Allahabad

Tips for Hearing Aid Safety – 2

Our aim is to keep you updated about the safety of your hearing aid device, so that your experience of hearing never fades. In continuation to last update here are few more tips about hearing aid safety ……

  1. Avoid Contact to hairspray or make-up:

Remove your hearing aids before using hairspray, spray perfumes, shaving lotion, insect repellent or powders, as such items may damage or clog the tiny components of hearing device

  1. Care from Water:

Ensure you never immerse your hearing aid with water, do not wear them while taking sauna bath, swimming or bathing. Do take utmost care from rains as well.

Most importantly never lubricate your hearing aid or its any part in any condition.

We believe that you must be feeling reminded about care and safety of your hearing aid. For more tips about care and safety stay tuned to updates" target="_blank" class="updatelink">Click here or reach to Facebook page of SPANDAN hearing and speech solutions.

You can always visit SPANDAN the best hearing aid center in Allahabad or call 9838212386 to consult with us.

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