Speech Problems in Children

Speech Therapy in Allahabad

Children are the biggest blessing to us, and it is thrilling to listen few initial worlds like “Mamma” “Papa” or Dadi from your growing baby lisping. It is fine if your baby is lisping in initial 2-4 years, but it may not be a good sign if a baby is lisping or stammering after 5 years of age.

See a speech therapy center in case you notice following points….

  1. A child in age of 4-5 years unable to pronounce letters “t”, “d”, “n”, “a”
  2. A child lisping or stuttering frequently at 5 years age
  3. Stammering while talking
  4. One-year baby not trying to mimic
  5. Child does not respond to nearby sounds even at 1-year age

If you see any of the sign in your baby consider a language evaluation, it is simple process and doesn’t hurt the child.

For speech therapy in Allahabad visit Spandan Hearing and Speech Solutions a best speech therapy center in Allahabad.

Write to spandanhearing@yahoo.com or call 9838212386 for an appointment

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