Hearing Aids : Digital vs Analog

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Analog vs Digital Hearing Aids

Do you know the two major segmentations of Hearing Aids, Analog and Digital ? Lets understand what they are

The original technology was Analog hearing aids. They have advanced a great deal and the core technology but they still function same way. Analog hearing aids use a standard microphone to amplify sounds, before sending them to speakers in your ear.

On the other hand, digital hearing aids take sound waves that are picked up by the microphone. Digital hearing aids then translate the waves into a computer code. This allows the sounds to be cleaned up, clarified and balanced before delivering them to your ears. The difference is subtle, but distinct. Analog hearing aids simply take existing sounds and make them louder. Digital aids process the sounds and clean it up. Then, it delivers a clear sound intended to give you exactly what you need.

Finding difficult to make out difference?

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