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Reduced hearing power can lead to deafness if the symptoms are not recognized well on time. Its not easy to recognize hearing loss symptoms at very beginning however noticing following points may help evaluate the hearing ability status for someone

  1. Often missing the sounds of doorbell, alarms, mobile or telephone ring
  2. Finding difficult to respond a phone call in noisy place
  3. Finding difficult to have conversation with others in noisy place
  4. Often asking other person to repeat the conversation
  5. Experiencing muffled speech
  6. Listening radio TV at relatively higher volume
  7. Missing the vehicles honking on road

These above-mentioned points may look very obvious but frequently experiencing any such point may lead to reduced hearing ability. When in doubt it is always recommended to take help of expert.

At the occasion of “world hearing week” Spandan the best hearing aid company in Allahabad is organizing free education and counsellin program on hearing disorders and hearing aids.

Get the doubts clear and spread the right information to all needy. Visit us or call us for an appointment.

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