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Hearing loss test in Allahabad

Hearing loss generally begins with few initial symptoms of impaired hearing. While it is important to recognize the symptoms early, it is also highly recommended to go for hearing loss test at very first sign of hearing impairment.

There can be variety of hearing loss tests depending upon the clinical class, category or severity of hearing loss. Usually most of the tests are easily conducted and are not much time consuming. However, in some cases multiple tests and sittings may be recommended.

Spandan Prayagraj is the best hearing aids center in Allahabad and is the best place to conduct hearing loss test in Allahabad.

The center takes onus to educate and counsel every individual without any charges who visits us during “world hearing week” March 3 – 9.

For best hearing support in Allahabad visit our center, write us to spandanhearing@yahoo.com or call us on 9838212386

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