Tips for Hearing Aid Safety - 3

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Tips for Hearing Aid Safety – 3

SPANDAN hearing and speech solutions is a dedicated initiative to support your hearing experience. For the same reason we keep you updated about the safety of hearing aids. In the series of hearing aid safety here is a new update with few more tips to keep your hearing device intact and fit.

5. Cleaning of Hearing Aids:

To clean your hearing aid device, use only approved and recommended cleaning agents. In absence of cleaning agents use only soft, damp dry cloth (cloth should not be wet or moisturized).

Avoid using alcohol or solvents to clean your hearing device. A soft cloth should clean the receiver tube and receiver dome in your behind-the-ear style hearing aid. If ear wax builds up on ear domes or custom ear molds, and you find it difficult to wipe away it is advisable to visit a hearing aid service center or hearing care practitioner for assistance.

6. Keep Your Hearing Aids in safe place:

When your hearing aids are not in use, the best way is to keep them in a drying set. Always carry the hearing aids in their case to protect them from damage and dirt. In case you do not want to use hearing aids for a while, its better to remove the batteries.

Keep your hearing aids away from heat, on warm days refrain yourself from placing them in your automobile glove compartment, near radiator or in direct sunlight. It is equally essential not to expose your hearing aids to extreme cold.

We believe that you must be feeling reminded about care and safety of your hearing aid. For any service need please consult with best hearing aid center in Allahabad For more tips about care and safety stay tuned to updates" target="_blank" class="updatelink">Click here or reach to Facebook page of SPANDAN hearing and speech solutions.

You can always visit SPANDAN the best hearing aid center in Allahabad or call 9838212386 to consult with us.

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